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spider.gif - 2473 Bytes How much do you want to spend?
Shopping for website is kind of like going around to restaurants asking each how much a meal cost.  There's no easy answer;
it depends what you eat!   We can help you determine your website needs and how to present them within your budget.   There are things you can do yourself that can help reduce costs.  We don't expect you to pay for your website up-front.   A deposit will get us started.
     Below is an ala cart menu of web page prices.   Preferably, we can put together a package custom designed to suit your needs at a considerable savings.
spider.gif - 2473 BytesWhat is a Website Template?
A Template is a ready-made design which may be customized for your business. This provides low-cost alternative to custom web design. With hundreds of designs to choose from in over 40 categories, we're sure to have something that suits your needs.[Website Templates]
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 Custom Web Design

Website Setup
One time costs:
Domain Registration/Transfer
$20. (optional)
Contact Us for quantity pricing
Page Layout
  Conversion of your text file,
  on floppy or by E-Mail,
  into Web readable form (HTML).
  Includes upload and verify.

$50 each page
Graphic Scanning
  Scanning a photograph or printed graphic
   and conversion into Web readable form.
   Includes image inhancement
   and optimization.

$10. ea.

  stock, scanned, or supplied
$10. ea.
  Any link to a different location.
  or link to your E-mail address.
  Includes verifying link.
  $6. ea.
  Per table element
$12. ea.
  $3. per
Image Map
  Per link area
  plus graphic

$30. ea.
$10 per

Custom Forms
  Per field
  Stock forms available at a reduced rate.
$12. ea.
$10 per

Shopping Cart
  plus per item

per item
Prices are subject to change.  
  Inquire about our special rates for non-profit organizations.
Site Hosting & Maintenance Monthly fees:
Pre-paid contract rates available

Site Hosting & Maintenance
We will make up to two minor changes per month
Includes upload and verify.
$25 per mo.
Shopping Cart Hosting
includes software
$25 per mo. (optional)
Optional Services Optional Fees
Optional Data Entry
If your text is unavailable
on floppy or E-Mail form.
$35. per pg.
only if needed
Other Services
Graphic Design
    Logo Design
    Flash Programming
Custom Design Services
Conversion of published materials
Content development and research
    CGI, Perl, PHP, mySql, Java, JavaScript
Database development
Web site promotion.
Please Phone
or E-Mail
Prices are subject to change.  
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How to get started:
  • We work within your budget.  There are things you can do yourself that can help reduce costs.  We don't expect you to pay for your website up-front.  A deposit will get us started.
  • We research your competition on the web to gain a perspective about your business, an understanding of the appropriate website elements your customers expect, and ideas for what unique elements to add.
  • We provide you with a web location where your pages will be available for your review and comment as we progress through the design process. 
  • When you are happy with your web pages, we will assist you in producing a list of keywords, and register your website with major search engines on the web so that others will find your pages when they search for applicable keywords.  We research the keywords your competitors are using to give you an edge.
  • We host your website with your own virtual server under your own domain name (yourbusinesss.com).
  • We administrate your website and make changes as required.
  • If you have a number of products you might need a shopping cart.  We use shopping cart software that we can customize for your product and shipping needs.
  • We provide a secure server to handle your transaction and credit card information.
  • We can produce a banner for you to use for banner-exchange advertising.
We will format your existing material, custom design whatever is necessary, and produce pages structured to suit the Web medium that reflect your company's unique identity. Contact us so we can answer any questions.
Call Toll Free: (800)-554-7227
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