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If you've been shopping for a credit card merchant account, you may have found that there are a dazzling variety of costs involved. We constantly receive inquiries about this subject, and we've researched it at length. The costs involved in accepting credit cards are complex. Processors often will lower one charge, which they brag heavily about, and make it up by inflating another charge some where else. Some do not guarantee their discount rate, and raise it later after they lock you into a contract term. We've had customers who can't afford a decent website because they spent so much setting up for a merchant account. So, we thought we'd give you the benefit of our research, and let you in on the best deal we could find:
Service Our Processor
Application Fee NONE
Discount Rate 1.59%-1.69 Retail
2.25% Mail Order
          or Internet
lower rates for high volume
Transaction Fee 20 cents Retail
25 cents Mail Order
          or Internet
per Transaction
ATM Debit Cards 35 cents flat fee
per Transaction
Statement Fee $10 per month
Monthly Minimum NONE - Retail
$10 - Internet
Batch Fee NONE
Miscellaneous Fees NONE
Choose One of the Following:  Prices shown are for
a 48 month lease
Terminal Purchase $400-$779
Terminal Lease $15.99-$28.99
per month
GoSoftware PC Charge Express (basic) Purchase $449
GoSoftware PC Charge Express (basic) Lease $15.99
per month
GoSoftware PC Charge Pro (auto billing) Purchase $499
GoSoftware PC Charge Pro (auto billing) Lease $16.99
per month
Real-Time with Virtual Terminal
Gateway Fee
$249-$299 Setup
$20 per month
$15 per month
for high volume
Atomic Software, Mapp PC and Nova Software also available  

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